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Jeanelle Fu is a Taiwanese-American poet and creative storyteller who resides in Los Angeles. 

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Blueprints (2022)
is finding language for a homeland, the songs of our parents.
It is a recollection of grief, and how a people emerge from mourning one day, one breath at a time. As much as these poems honor the author's Taiwanese-American heritage, they are also an invitation into crossing bridges: to celebrate and fight for the tribes adjacent, surrounding us all along. Through endless cups of shay in the Middle East, conversations during suhoor, the dancing on secluded rooftops:  Grief is a storm we weather together.

Cover art by Dianuh Aerin Gundersen.



Since publication "Blueprints" has been featured by, sold out in stores like Yu & Me Books, and most recently picked up by Pon Ding, a renowned cultural hub for artists in the heart of Taipei.

*note from author: I was devastated by the recent mass shooting in Monterey Park, my hometown where many of the poems in this book took place. Please remember those who passed as you read

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